Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Challenge

After all this thinking about sonnets I've got a hankering to try my hand at making one. I'm really not a poet, just a lover of poetry. But I notice that when I get something especially delicious at a Thai restaurant I always come home and try to cook it myself. Although it generally isn't quite like what I had eaten at the restaurant, it is still usually tasty in its own way.

So I'm itching to see what I can do by way of a sonnet. Trouble is, I'm not especially in love with anyone, either available or forbidden. That might make it tough. But as we have decided, love-at-a-distance is not the only fitting theme for sonnets, even if it is the most common.

But, before I begin, I'd like to extend a challenge to anyone out there who is willing to join me. Poet or not, compose a sonnet and send it to me. My email address is on my profile page. If you would send it there (rather than in the comments section) then I'll post mine along with any that you might send me.

How does two weeks sound? I'll post mine, finished or not, in two weeks. 11/12/08. I hope there will be a couple of yours to post with it.


a.c.b. said...

i'll give it a try... i saw your comment on a friend's blog (cynthia) and wondered who you were. :-) anyway. been trying out different forms the past little bit, and posting my drafts on my blog, so if you are interested in form stuff maybe it's worth a look. it's all just drafts mind you. g'day! acb

JD said...

Why can you only write a love poem when you are in love with someone? That's like saying you can only write a recipe when you are hungry...

Doug P. Baker said...


Good to see you. I enjoy Cynthia's posts, I'll come to yours soon. I look forward to seeing your sonnet. Just email it to me when you are ready.


Ha, ha! Good point. I suppose that if I were a real poet I wouldn't have to be in love to write a love poem. Let me sit my burro down and give it a try!