Wednesday, February 3, 2010

'Tis When A Value Struggle - It Exist

I'm loving the almost-rhymes in some of Emily Dickinson's poems. Where a perfect rhyme would have lent these a sing-song giddiness, the not-quite-rhymes invite a more contemplative spirit in us.

This Bauble was preferred of Bees -
By Butterflies admired
At Heavenly - Hopeless Distances -
Was justified a Bird -

Did Noon - enamel - in Herself
Was Summer to a Score
Who only knew of Universe -
It had created Her.

A Plated Life - diversified
With Gold and Silver Pain
To prove the presence of the Ore
In Particles - 'tis when

A Value struggle - it exist -
A Power - will proclaim
Although Annihilation pile
Whole Chaoses on Him -


Justin said...

This is not a poem of hers I had noticed before but it may quickly become one of my favorites. It seems the perfect image of the-divine-within.

WorldofPeace said...