Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anything Except The Fiction

Today I began work on a novel tentatively titled "Seven." Most of my life I've wanted to write fiction, but instead I seem to have written almost exclusively poetry, essays, literary criticism, scholarly theological polemics, sermons, etc. Almost anything except the fiction that I've wanted to write. Why do we so often do that--pour ourselves into everything except that one thing we most want? Is it a fear of failure? It could just as well be a fear of succeeding. I am hoping to have a draft by Christmas. We will see.

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Regina said...

Maybe it just has to happen according to God's timing and maybe the waiting (and the eagerness building) to get around to it is part of what is needed. Intrigued by the title already... thank you as always for your kind feedback, Doug. I always enjoy reading Triocentric :-)