Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Challenge Revisited

Hello my friends in the world out there. Today is the sixth. On the twelfth I will post the sonnets sent in from the challenge that I posted a week or so back. So far only one has been sent to me. It is really an impressive sonnet, so I am somewhat nervous. I want more sonnets to post on the twelfth so that there will be something to distract us all from how weak my sonnet is going to be.

So, if you all could each write a sonnet, please email them to me at my address which is on my profile page. I've posted plenty of examples that can give you some ideas.

Thanks so much.


Rosa said...

I'm working on mine, but I've run into a few roadblocks. Hopefully it will be ready in time for me to send it to you when you post them!

Devika said...

So you have participatory programmes, Doug?

Could i ask you to visit my 'Certain Kind of Woman' blog...i hav written some verses -- which category they belong i do not know..i just split the words into lines as it flows in the paper....very little modification do i do with them...

i would be obliged if you could read and guide me as I continue with my poetic pursuits..:-)

give this a very remote priority as i myself am not very serious with my writing...for me its just emptying and evolving...

thankyou. Doug

ps: here, the title has a typo error?

Doug P. Baker said...

Rosa, I thought you had one in the works. Yes, roadblocks do pop up when writing sonnets, but I think you will overcome them with style! I've seen enough else that you have written to know that you have the words and you have the ear. I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up with.

Devika, I had been thinking that The Essential Me was your main blog. But now that I glance at Certain Kind of Woman I see that I was wrong. Yes, I am looking forward to looking through the poems you have there!

And you are right; I have now corrected the typo in the title of this post. Thank you!

This is the first "interactive program" I've tried. It is just that I would like as many people as possible to write a sonnet and email them to me to be posted on the 12th.

What I am hoping is that in trying it people will discover that, while the form of a sonnet requires work, there is also a great freedom that comes from working within that form.

Liv said...

*oh dear* thanks for the pick up =S That's rather embarrassng!

Text speak is awful, I rarely use it. I heard recently that one of the exam questions (for English no less) was written in text speak, and the questions themselves were so broad, you almost didn't need to have studied a book to answer them. Scary world we're creating.

Devika said...

Thank you Doug so much..

i would have loved to participate..
but i could never write anything of a verse type i don't feel that myself...and truly speaking, i am still not confident of saying that i can write a poetry in any specific form..

it comes as a kind of a mixture -- some words rhyming, some just free like that up in the air....
and i don't know to work on them to fit in into any form..anyways,

thank you for the time and effort you agreed to spend at CKW blog..

thank you Doug :-)


deola said...

Well done Doug. keep on the good work

Teri said...

I wish you would try. I suspect you would find the confinements of this form to be an exercise worth the effort.

To work within its restrictions acts as a type of verbal corset, restricting what might otherwise naturally expand too far for perfection, and accentuating those perfect words which must be economically chosen. It forces you to organize your thoughts, to play with words, and to make use of symbolism without taking over the poem. Once you have done this, go back to free form and you feel the beauty of the words are at your disposal!

I would enjoy reading it if you tried!


Devika said...

Hi Teri

Thank you so much for that comment.

I am just newly introduced to sonnets -- need to read and understand how they look like, in structure, form

but truly speaking i'm not a poet or aspiring poet -- i just write kind of a poetry -- and really have no patience to work with it for more time..

i love reading and appreciating poetry more than writing ..

but when Doug said of the programme, i thought i would seek some help from him to see if the poetry i write was worth any good at all...

i understand the fun that may ensue in working with it...i will be active onlooker here -- i would prefer that way.

if you wich to read whati have written in the past 3-4 months they are available at:

thank you!

Anonymous said...

i have write very often but i have never written a sonnet. i wouldnt know where to begin! maybe i'll look up some ideas on the internet.

Doug P. Baker said...

Well, Sarah, you can start here. The last fifteen or so posts have been about sonnets. Good to see you here! I'll watch for a sonnet from you!

Teri said...

Thanks, Devika, I did enjoy peeking through your blog. I did not mean to pressure you to write a sonnet, only to encourage you to stretch your wings for flight, and to let you know that a friendly audience would receive it. : )

I hope I didn't present myself as a poet! I am one who appreciates the art and occasionally dabbles.

Devika said...

Thank you Teri, so much :-)

But really, now the feeling if i say truly is:

i doubt if i was the one who wrote those :-) so blank...
may be as things soak in..may be i'll do again; may be i'll even write a sonnet...

lets see :-)

may be i too start here, but i have some books from the library today on the Academics of poetry...

i need my dose of poetry for reading, for sure if i have to live..thats all i know.