Monday, October 26, 2009

After Studying The World

I know I've talked about him before, but let me do it again.

One of the most vibrant sites devoted to poetry on the whole of the WWW is Poefrika run by Rethabile Masilo. Continually, for years on end now, I have found it to be a gold mine.

His post on the 26th was great, but I was struck especially by one short line:

"I, too, have wondered why the moon, after studying the world for so long, is not yet tear shaped."

from Maseru Man by Rethabile Masilo

Amen! I too have been stunned by creation's ability to ignore human reality . . .

To read the whole poem please go over there, and while you are there check out all Rethabile has been doing!

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Rethabile said...

Thank you Doug. This is heart-warming, and really, really encouraging.