Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Review

Just today I saw a new review of my book "Covenant and Community." It came out a couple of days ago in Tradition and Discovery journal, a journal dedicated to the philosophy of Michael Polanyi.

Polanyi's insights concerning "indwelling" helped me to clarify some of the relation between the members of the Trinity, and then in turn that helped to clarify the relations between humans. You can find the review near the bottom of the page at


Jacob R Parker said...

Hi there,

According to your "About Me" page you're a Narnia fan! That's awesome because, on my blog, I'm giving away three free copies of a new book that I think us Narnia fans are going to love. It's called Curse of the Spider King, by best-selling author Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper. If you're interested, Click here to check it out!

-Jacob Parker

Doug P. Baker said...

Hey Jacob,

Congratulations on the upcoming publication of Kestrel's Midnight Song! I'll be watching to see when it comes out.