Saturday, May 16, 2009

15,000 Days Old

Today I am 15,000 days old. Happy birthday to me!

Of those 15000 days, I've spent approximately:

4000 days sleeping;
3121 days working for pay;
2000 days reading;
840 days in school;
833 days listening to audio sermons and books on tape;
625 days eating;
417 days cooking;
334 days writing and re-writing;
180 days walking in the woods, just looking;
129 days in church;
127 days bicycle riding;
125 days watching tv/movies;
108 days traveling to and from work;
90 days preparing lessons to teach;
70 days traveling in other countries;
63 days waiting at red lights;
57 days on the ocean;
55 days teaching/homework help;
52 days getting dressed;
43 days cleaning fish;
42 days brushing my teeth;
41 days playing soccer;
35 days reading the newspaper;
34 days jogging;
30 days hitch-hiking;
17 days backpacking;
6 days canoeing;
2 days talking on the phone;
2 days in airplanes and helicopters;
1 day watching sports.

Of course these are not all mutually exclusive; most of the audio book time was at work; cleaning fish was also mostly work, etc.

So, what have you all been doing?


venus66 said...

Hi, Many More Happy Returns of the day.God Bless.

Rethabile said...

15 000! In Lesotho we say, "May you live till your back bends!"

Rosa said...

Happy *belated* Birthday, Doug!

It's mind boggling to think of life in those terms; wow!

Doug P. Baker said...

Thank you, Venus!

Rethabile, Thank you too. That should give me another year or two!

Rosa, what is mind boggling is that I should ever have lived to be so old!

Blessings to you all!

Devika said...

I am late here,
Wish you all good and happiness in this and the coming years, Doug :)

I like the tabulations that you did...really amazing! :)

God Bless,

John W. May said...

Thank you for your terrific insight! Hope your birthday weekend was well, and wish you many more...

Rosa said...

Wait, it just hit me that you didn't have a birthday... Happy belated 15,000th day then!