Saturday, May 2, 2009

Heal The Earth's Wounds

I just returned from a glorious week at the Overseas Mission Study Center in New Haven, CT. Together with God's people from all corners of the globe, representing many languages and cultures, I had the joy of studying a portion of Isaiah (my favorite biblical author) that stressed the international and multicultural nature of the Kingdom of our God.

Invigorated and refreshed, I came home and opened a book of my favorite Russian poet, Nika Turbina, and found her echoing much of what had gone through my mind during this week. She wrote this when she was 8 years old.


Nowadays people tell fortunes
with time,
cards are history now.
Getting a black one means
getting bombed.
Not a deck of cards,
but people are scattered
over the poor
everyone afraid of picking
a blood-stained country.
What a shame that
I'm not a fortune teller.
I would tell fortunes
only with flowers
and I would heal
the earth's wounds
with a rainbow.


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John Paul Todd said...


So glad to find you here in the blogosphere. It's a perfect venue for someone like you, don't you agree? Always thinking and beginning with some quality text, finding a way to see the invisable vision beyond.
Happy that you had a chance to participate in the Isaiah study at OMSC. Is your Dad still there?
I have added you to my blogroll so I can enjoy your writing on a regular basis.

Grace and Peace in Christ,John Paul Todd,