Friday, May 29, 2009

Breath And Smell

I can't get over what a complex effect Langston Hughes creates by mixing just a couple of rhythms together in such a small space. Again, the rhythmic effect on our mouths and our ears is absolutely essential to the overall effect of the poem. I dare say that if you read it silently (without even hearing it in your mind) you won't be able to understand it.

A poem is not a poem on the page or in the eye; a poem only becomes a poem in the mouth and in the ear. Langston Hughes enforces that rule like a poetry cop!


breath and smell
so close
black and white
so near
no room for fear.


1 comment:

John W. May said...

Langston Hughes! Neat poet. A friend of mine turned me on to his works.

By reading (aloud to myself) this poem, I could definitely feel the environment spoken of- really!, as if there myself. Even the smell of it...